Common Ground Editorial: June 2020

Three weeks ago, we celebrated the birth of the Church at Pentecost. Since then, many of us have been able to enjoy gathered fellowship on Sunday mornings in church buildings, while some of us continue to explore creative ways of gathering in small groups and homes. We are also aware that this season of disruption–global pandemics, lockdown, and social justice moments included–has raised the question for many of us: What role does the Church play in our personal and communal lives? In response, we’ve curated this edition of Common Ground around the theme of Church, looking at the ways the gathered body of Christ impacts us on a global, communal, and personal level.

In this edition, the Ven Dr Lyndon Drake, who serves as Venn’s Board Chair, seeks to answer the very simple question “Why do we need the Church?” in our lead article.  Through an exploration of part of the Nicene Creed, Lyndon unpacks why we believe in, and indeed need, the unity, holiness, and witness of the Church. Also included in the edition, the Revd Dr John Fox channels his inner satire to write a fictional short-story about the reopening of the local parish, Communications Manager Olivia Burne offers a personal experience that highlights some of the gifts and joys of church, and our friend Jannah Dennison interrogates some of the ways technology and our smartphones are shaping our spiritual rhythms. You’ll also find an Alumni Interview with Melbourne-based alumna Rebekah Young and a Staff Note on Christ in Revelation from Michelle Young.

After a busy start to the year, the team at Venn are taking a four-week break in July, which means our next edition of Common Ground will come out Saturday, 22 August. In the meantime, enjoying this week’s edition.

Ngā mihi,
The Venn team