Common Ground: Editorial Seven

We’re delighted to bring you this edition of Common Ground—at our new fortnightly frequency—on the theme of friendship.

Our lead article is by Luke Fenwick. Luke offers a rich and challenging account of what it means to be friends, through an engagement with the themes of John 15. At the end of his article, Luke shares with us the image, from Madeleine Delbrêl, of friendship in the church being like the knots of a fisherman’s net. In turn, Saskia Rook takes this image and provides a wonderful illustration—and description—of Christian friendship. Also be sure to read Jannah Dennison’s article in Families in Lockdown which, with grace and humour, discusses the course that friendship has taken within her family during lockdown.

In the rest of this edition you’ll find a reflection on the practice of hospitality by Dave and Phoebe Atkinson, a Staff Note by Ella Anselmi, an interview with alumnus Josh Couch, and an interview with Cardinal Schönborn by Nicky Gumbel in our Audio Series.

We’re grateful for the friendships that hold us together as a Venn community.


The Venn Team