Driven to rest [in fullness, we find you]

We’re delighted to feature original art by Mary Spacapan, created especially for this edition of Common Ground. Mary’s work is strongly gesturalusing colour, composition, and rich, buildable texture to explore the animated nature of the whenua. Her latest body of work serves as a map into the subject of identity as it relates to the Father’s heart, place, and space. This new painting, “Driven to rest [in fullness, we find you],” arises out of reflection on Scripture and the Sabbath. You can see more of Mary’s art via Instagram and her website:  You can purchase prints and original artworks, including this work, via her website store at

Describing her art process and the creation of this new work, Mary writes:

I paint much like I see the world, tiny inputs collected and placed—captured moments of time. The marks are fragmented, at odds with every other in the concert of the canvas. It is only when the viewer steps back to consider the composition as a whole that they are met with a rhythmic invitation of stillness. An abstraction of both “the garden” or “the calmed stormy seas of Galilee,” this ethereal landscape of delight bears witness to what it means to right relate, complete in Him; selah.

“Driven to rest [in fullness, we find you]” by Mary Spacapan, for Venn Foundation, 2022