Advent: A Weekly Devotional

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Keeping Sacred Time: Devotionals for the Christian Year


Advent is the first season of the Christian year, a time of anticipation and joy in which we slow down to remember God’s coming–his advent–in Jesus Christ. When much of our world speeds up in anticipation of the year’s end, the path of Advent calls us instead to ponder the mystery of Jesus’s birth, the true light of God come to a darkened world.


This pack includes devotional cards for Advent Weeks 1-4, a devotional card for Christmas Day, along with descriptions of the Advent season and some suggestions of how to use this resource. For each week, there is a Scripture reading, a reflection, a question to ponder together, and a collect (a short, written prayer).


Locally produced by Venn Foundation, this resource is designed to help churches, small groups, households, and individuals enter into the season of Advent. These beautiful cards will lead you through the four weeks of Advent, culminating in the celebration of Christmas Day. There is a better way to prepare for Christmas, and a better way to keep in step with God’s time–join us this Advent season.


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