Sermon Series: Working and Waiting in a Groaning World

In this sermon, Dr Rod Thompson reflects on Paul’s address to the Romans and the content of Christian hope, especially in the midst of suffering.

In his talk, Rod draws out four images from Paul’s letter of the reality of the world: the world as frustrated; as enslaved; and yet as waiting expectantly with a future hope; and likened to a woman in labour, working hard to give birth to new life.

Rod was a former Venn Board member and also taught a Short Course on Biblical Immersion and Cultural Engagement during Venn Winter School 2019. This sermon was first given at Springwood Presbyterian Church in Springwood, Australia and is shared here with permission. If you’re interested in more of Rod’s sermons, head to the Alive @ Springwood Podcast.

Romans 8:18-25
Isaiah 11:1-9

(Image by Louis Maniquet, licensed under CC Zero)