Venn Lockdown Radio: Programme One

Venn Lockdown Radio is a weekly programme designed to connect, inform, and encourage the Venn community during this unique season of restricted contact.

Each Thursday, hosts Sam and Julia Bloore will release a new programme that brings Venn voices direct to your living room. You’ll hear from alumni and friends and you’ll also get an insight into what Venn staff, writers, and artists are writing about and creating in the midst of their own bubbles.

In this week’s programme, Sam and Julia catch up with alumni Ben Harper and Cathy Campbell who met through Summer Conference and who got engaged last Tuesday (on the eve of Alert Level 4). Sam and Julia also chat to Tuhi and Beth Isaachsen to get some insight as to how the Isaachsens has been learning to keep relationships healthy and thriving in close quarters. There’s an interview with Andrew Shamy about his recent reflection on C.S. Lewis’s “Learning in War-Time” and what compelled him to write about it. You’ll also hear from Venn’s CEO Nathan McLellan and Communications and Marketing Manager Olivia Burne about the ways Venn has been responding to this Alert Level 4 and what resources are coming your way.

Venn Lockdown Radio is your chance to take a moment, relax with a cup of tea or coffee, and hear from some familiar voices. You can listen in your browser, on Spotify, and very soon we’ll be releasing each programme on Apple Podcasts, so stay tuned!


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