Venn Radio: Programme Eight

With the transition to Level 2 (and shortly Level 1) we’ve decided to drop the Lockdown from our name. We will continue delivering Venn Radio programmes on a monthly basis, sent out one week after Common Ground. You can expect Venn Radio to continue connecting, informing, and encouraging you and others in the Venn community.

In this week’s programme, Sam and Julia give our CEO, Nathan McLellan, a break from his usual organisational update and instead talk about his recent article in Common Ground on the “forgotten doctrine” of Christ’s ascension. They catch up with alumnus Daniel Mazengarb (Intern 2010/11, VVP Auckland 2019) about his experience on the Vocational Programme with his wife, Mel, the birth of their four-week-old baby, and his work at Christian Savings.

Sam and Julia also chat to alumna Rachel Wilson (Intern 2009) and her husband, Tim, about parenting, education, music, media, and reframing our understanding of success. And finally, you’ll be able to hear more from Venn’s Residential Fellowship Director, Donald Goodhall, about this year’s cohort of Fellows and his recent musical offering in Common Ground, “Singin’ in the Rain”.

You’ll next hear from us on Saturday, 27 June, one week after our next edition of Common Ground. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a moment, grab a hot drink, and hear more from Venn friends and alumni about their varied and interesting work!


The Venn team