Katrina Belcher

Finance Coordinator




Katrina BelcherKatrina Belcher grew up Nelson and was blessed to be a part of a very close-knit charismatic-Catholic community. At the age of 19 she moved to Auckland to study performing arts. This eventually took her overseas, mainly to Eastern Europe. There she found equal measures of beauty and tragedy in the different societies and cultures she was in, and found herself asking: How does God intend us to live in this world? How are we to form society, government, culture, and our own relationships in a way that responds to and better reflects the Gospel?

Katrina returned to New Zealand with a very different vision for life and for NZ. In 2009 she did an internship, giving her the space and context to develop what she believed and why. Post internship, she worked for CAP (Christians Against Poverty) in events and operations. There she saw the important role that charities and NGO’s play in strengthening and supporting communities around NZ. Katrina is married to Richard and they have one son, William.