Melody Cooper

Operations Manager and Events Coordinator




Melody Cooper grew up in both Auckland and Nelson, which means she knows the big-city and small-town life well. Upon completing high school, she spent six months in India, both studying and travelling. This turned out to be a highly formative time for future work, study, and the outworking of her faith.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Mel dove into various voluntary positions within Auckland and overseas, and completed studies in Christian Ministries, Conflict Resolution, and International Development. During and post-study, Melody participated in the Maxim Internship (2011/2012), worked in various roles at A Girl Called Hope, Christians Against Poverty, and, most recently, has been working as a travel agent to help people experience more of this beautiful world.

Mel loves getting to know people and learning what makes them tick. She enjoys travelling, exploring her own back yard (namely walks in the Waitakere Ranges and West Coast beaches), photography, spending time with friends and family, and keeping to her namesake by being involved in the worship life of her home church, St Paul’s Symonds St.