The Revd Dr Nathan McLellan

CEO and Senior Teaching Fellow




The Revd Dr Nathan McLellan grew up in a family of four boys, where backyard cricket, soccer, rugby—and the occasional broken window—were always on the after-school schedule. After studying economics and finance at university, he joined the New Zealand Treasury and stayed working there as an economist for over six years. Wanderlust—undoubtedly stoked by moving around a lot as a child—plus a desire to deepen his understanding of the gospel and what it meant for his work and the mission of the Church, resulted in a move to Vancouver, Canada to study theology at Regent College.

During his time there, he joined the Marketplace Institute, where he started and led a residential internship and contributed to the development of other programmes and activities, including Reframe – a course designed to help people deeply integrate their Christian faith and life. His time in Vancouver was followed by further study at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where he earned a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics.

Nathan is married to Bronwyn. They live in Auckland with their two energetic boys, Jonathan and Caleb, who are slowly losing their American accents!