Audio Series: My Lord and My God

In the wake of Easter, Sam Bloore has been reflecting on the life of Thomas and his desire for proof of Christ’s resurrection. In this sermon, preached for online-church at St Paul’s, Symonds Street, Sam looks at Thomas less as a cautionary tale and more as an example of how we might respond to the strange and wonderful news that Christ has indeed risen from the grave.

Thomas’s doubt in Christ’s resurrection caused him to demand proof of Jesus’s scars, and, yet, he is the first person in John’s gospel to confess Jesus Christ as God. Sam takes Thomas’s life as an encouragement to take our doubts and fears to God, but also, in the middle of the uncertainty, in the wonder of the resurrection, to declare Jesus Christ as God of our lives.

John 20:19-31

(Image: “Doubting Thomas,” by Caravaggio, licensed under CC BY 2.0)