Eight dinners. Three weekend retreats. Three follow-up evenings.

Immerse yourself in Scripture, prayer, rich teaching, and conversation around what it means to live a wise life.

What’s it about


Living well isn’t always easy or obvious. Our everyday lives of relating, planning, working, and doing, call for countless decisions about what is good and right. Should I pursue further education or take the next step up the career ladder? How do I do the best for my family or friends? Should I wait or act? Say something or stay quiet? Be loyal or angry?


Each decision confronts us with certain questions: How do I make good decisions? What does the wise life look like? The Venn Vocational Programme is designed to help you wrestle with these questions.


The Vocational Programme is designed for people in their late 20s to late 40s. It is for people who have been in the workforce for some time or have experienced postgraduate study, and who want to get better at navigating life’s challenges and questions.


It is for people who are committed to following Jesus in the world, and who desire to think deeply and grow in their faith alongside others.

You will join a cohort of people who hunger for a deep relationship with God and want to live out their vocations well in a complex world.


We understand that home and work life can place pressure on your time and energy. With this in mind, the Vocational Programme is designed to be welcoming, life-giving, creative, and varied. The delicious food and wine and beautiful setting are a key part of the learning environment.


We learn best from others—their insights, questions, and experiences. During the Vocational Programme you will join a group of eight people from diverse work and life backgrounds to explore together what it means to live wisely. Each programme is limited to a maximum of three small groups.



The programme has a two part intensive teaching block.


The first looks at The Wise Life and seeks to answer questions such as, What is wisdom? How do I become wise? What shape does a wise life take? In what ways can Scripture help me live wisely?


The second focuses on Navigating Wise Courses of Action. Here we ask, How do we make wise decisions amidst the complexity of life?


At the conclusion of the eight-week intensive, we follow up with three dinners at monthly intervals.



All up, the programme will require around five hours each week, which includes reading and reflection, as well as the dinner conversation and teaching. The three non-residential weekend retreats are in addition to this.


  • Join a community of engaging and thoughtful people
  • Think deeply about wisdom, the shape of a wise life, and how to navigate wise courses of action
  • Reflect on your understanding of vocation and the ways you have been called by God to serve him in the world
  • Develop a Pattern of Life to assist you in living out your vocation
  • Learn to read Scripture for wisdom
  • Work actively to develop skills for wise decision-making
  • We aren’t kidding about the amazing food

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The Vocational Programme is held in Auckland and Wellington.


There are three weekend retreats at the beginning, middle, and end of each intensive and the teaching evenings are held once a week over the eight-weeks. Following the conclusion of the intensive, we invite the cohort back for three, monthly follow-up conversations.




This includes all meals, materials, and resources.

*One of our key emphases is relationship, so we want to remove as many barriers as possible for married couples to participate in the VVP together. Recognising the additional burden of childcare, we offer a discounted rate for married couples with children who require childcare.


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Location to be confirmed

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