Venn Lockdown Radio: Programme Two

Welcome to the second programme of Venn Lockdown Radio. We have been so encouraged by the feedback from alumni and friends of Venn who listened to the first programme. Our hope is that Lockdown Radio continue to be source of fun, connection, and encouragement during this season.

We will normally be delivering Venn Lockdown Radio on Thursday evenings, but in light of the Easter break and the release of Common Ground on Thursday morning this week, we’ve decided to deliver the programme early.

This week on the show, Sam and Julia chat to medical registrar Ruth Bollen (Fellow, 2018/19) about some of her experiences on the COVID-19 response team at Whangarei Hospital. You’ll hear from Jane Silloway-Smith who is living with her family in lockdown half-way across the world in California. In last week’s Common Ground, Jane shared a type of Rule of Life and in this week’s programme, she expands more on what that practice looks like, especially in the midst of an increasing lockdown period for Americans. Sam and Julia also catch up with Andre Muller, Venn’s newest Senior Teaching Fellow, about his piece on Holy Week from last week’s Common Ground. There are also pieces from Nathan McLellan, Venn’s CEO, and Olivia Burne, Communications and Marketing Manager, to give you an update on Venn’s response to COVID-19.

Venn Lockdown Radio is your chance to take a moment, relax with a cup of tea or coffee, and hear from some familiar voices. You can now listen to the show on¬†Spotify¬†and we’ll shortly be live on Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget to send through any feedback or requests, we’d love to hear from you.

The Venn team