Venn Presents | The Good Of Work, Part One

It’s striking: we spend the majority of our waking hours working to secure what we need, and (hopefully) contributing to the flourishing of our common life. And yet when it comes to understanding the good of our work, most of us mumble, or reach for a cliché. What does God make of your work, and why does he care? What does it mean to work well, and why should I care?

In the first of a new podcast series, Sam Bloore is joined by Andrew Shamy and Julia Bloore to explore together the good of work. From the night kitchen of KFC to early starts in kids’ TV, this lively conversation sets contemporary ideas about work within the expansive and transforming vision of God’s purposes for creation. Drawing on the latest edition of Common Ground, as well as on recent teaching, this podcast invites you to think again about work, and working well: what it is, what it has to do with God, and why it matters.

We’ll release the next episode in early June following Common Ground, exploring why work is so frequently seem meaningless, frustrating, or downright difficult. Be sure to subscribe to Venn Presents to get the latest episode.

We hope you enjoy the listening!
The Venn team