Venn Radio: Programme Nine

In this month’s Venn Radio, Sam and Julia explore more of the ideas that emerged in the last edition of Common Ground, curated around the theme of the Church.

Featured on the show is a conversation with Venn’s Board Chair, the Ven Dr Lyndon Drake, about his various church and governance roles, as well as his recent Common Ground article, “Why we Need the Church”.┬áThis includes reference to Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s challenge to love and serve the church that Jesus has actually given us, not our wistful, dream version!

Sam and Julia also chat with alumni couple, Tim Fenwick (Summer Conference 2019) and Ashlea Davies (Intern 2016/17) about the wonder of sharing good food with others and the challenges of living with chronic illness. They catch up with the ever-enthusiastic Tamsin Woolf (Fellow 2018/19) about life after the Residential Fellowship, finishing her law degree this week, and the thrill of doing theology on Tuesday nights with Murray Rae. And finally, before the Venn office goes into its annual July shutdown, we get an update from CEO Nathan McLellan about plans for the second half of the year.

Common Ground will next arrive in your inbox in August. Until then, take some time to hear more from these interesting and thoughtful friends of Venn.


The Venn team