Dr André Muller

Senior Teaching Fellow




André was born in Auckland, grew up in Upper Hutt, and has since made Wellington his home. His life’s work and study has been directed towards helping people to obey the first commandment, to love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul. This has led him to Otago University to complete a Masters in Theology on the early-Church theologian Augustine of Hippo and a Ph.D. on the Anglican theologian and philosopher Donald MacKinnon. André has continued this love of “life writing,” by writing his own biography on MacKinnon and continuing to read memoirs and diaries.


Outside of writing and reading, André enjoys cooking meals for people and loves music, both listening to and playing it. He’s currently in a band that plays a blend of blues, soul, Gospel, and rock. He teaches on the Residential Fellowship and contributes to Venn’s Common Ground.