Rachel Kitchens

Teaching Fellow




Rachel Kitchens is originally from Atlanta in the state of Georgia, USA. She has a B.A. in Dance and Psychology from Hollins College, and a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. For most of her adult life she has been interested in the interplay between the arts, the human body, and Christian faith. Her interests lead her to complete a Master’s Thesis at Regent in a Theology of the Body, based on Pope John Paul II’s works. Rachel is married to Andrew Shamy and they are the parents to Ella, Georgia, and James. Rachel is also a qualified Spiritual Director.

Her career has included work in a wide range of jobs such as church worker, community coordinator, event planner, dance teacher, fund-raiser and florist. Her most active role at the moment is that of home-maker and ‘integrator.’ She enjoys finding places where rest, embodiment, beauty, prayer, hospitality and the calling of the Church collide.

Rachel has come on staff at Venn to help alumni find ways to integrate their lives with the Gospel. She is most excited about ways in which the Church can live out their true calling to be faithful image-bearers and image-shapers.